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Here is the list of cannabis warrants updated every week.

Update 19 February 2020

1933 INDUSTRIES INCTGIF.WT.C0.6509/14/2021
No0.21 0.030.041
$3.30 for 10 trading days0.350.050.145
ALEFIA HEALTHALEF.WT.C 1.5506/27/2022 NO0.600.070.21
AURORA CANNABISACB.WT.T 4.0011/2/2020 NO2.180.4650.32
AUXLY CANNABIS GROUP INCXLY.WT.V 1.855/31/2020 NO0.570.030.002
AYR STRATEGIS INCAYR.WT.C 11.505/24/2024 $18.00 for 20 trading days 11.812.859.37
CARDIOL THERAPEUTICSCRDL.WT.T 6.5012/20/2020 $10.00 for 10 trading days3.950.500.81
CRESCO LABS INCCL.WT.C 12.509/24/2022 NO7.241.43.34
FLOWER ONE HOLDINGSFONE.WT 2.603/28/2022 NO0.700.120.166
GREEN GROWTH BRANDSGGB.WT.C 3.508/22/2022 NO0.400.040.06
HERITAGE CANNABIS CORPCANN.WT.C 0.7011/8/2021 $1.05 for 20 trading days0.250.060.06
INMED PHARMACEUTICALS INCIN.WT.T 1.256/21/2020 NO0.330.050.001
INNER SPIRIT HOLDINGSISH.WT.C 0.2511/25/2020 NO0.100.010.01
KALYTERA THERAPEUTICS INC.KLY.WT.A.V 0.1558/8/2021NO0.040.010.006
KALYTERA THERAPEUTICS INCKLY.WT.B.V 0.0654/26/2022 NO0.040.010.017
MEDMEN ENTERPRISES INCMMEN.WT.C 6.879/27/2021 NO0.400.050.008
NABIS HOLDINGS INCNAB.WT.C 1.103/26/2022 $2.50 for 10 trading days0.050.010.002
NAMASTE TECHNOLOGIESN.WT.V 3.152/27/2020 $6.00 for 10 trading days0.480.010.00
NAMASTE TECHNOLOGIESN.WT.A.V 3.1510/25/2023 NO0.480.130.153
PHIVIDA HOLDINGS INCVIDA.WT.C 1.604/19/2020 NO0.110.030.00
PLANET 13 HOLDINGSPLTH.WT.C 3.7512/4/2021 $5.00 for 20 trading days1.870.160.606
RUBICON ORGANICS INCROMJ.WT.C 3.502/23/2022 $3.80 for 20 trading days2.450.131.068
SUGARBUD CRAFT GROWERS CORPSUGR.WT.V 0.109/12/2023 NO0.060.030.034
TETRA BIO-PHARMA INCTBP.WT.V 1.303/5/2021 NO0.420.230.047
THE GREEN ORGANIC DUTCHMAN TGOD.WT.V 3.002/28/2021 NO0.560.080.024
THE GREEN ORGANIC DUTCHMAN TGOD.WIS 1.0012/13/2022NO0.560.250.268
TRANSCANNA HOLDINGS INCTCAN.WT.C 3.004/4/2022 $4.00 for 20 trading days0.990.100.277
TRULIEVE CANNABIS CORPTRUL.WT.C 17.256/18/2022 NO14.473.107.45
WEEDMD INCWMD.WT.V 1.809/25/2022 $3.60 for 20 trading days0.590.070.20
WESTLEAF INCWL.WT.V 1.655/10/2022 NO0.130.020.024

To understand how warrants work, here is a very interesting article to consult : Conflict of Interests: Buy the Warrant, or Buy the Shares?

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