PsyKey inc. is about to take off in the psychedelic market … see why !

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Everyone agrees that the emerging market for psychedelics is huge and several companies have been trying to take a share of this market for over 1 years.

Now is the time to show you a company that shows immense value/potential and is only in its infancy.


On January 14 2021, CECORS, INC.  announced that they are in transitioning into the Psychedelics Market, with a direction that includes a complete overhaul of the management team, bringing the Company to current status and delivering exciting growth for their shareholders.

“At that point, they will look to a name change to PsyKey World.”

The Acquisition Agreement between the two companies CeCors to purchase all outstanding shares of PsyKey Inc., a Canadian federal corporation. PsyKey Inc. will operate as a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of CeCors until the Company achieves current status with OTC Markets. At that point, they will look to a name change to PsyKey World.

On March 29, 2021, PsyKey Inc. announced Former Royal Bank of Canada Managing Director David Gibbins to Head Advisory Board and had this message to shareholders :

This is truly an exciting time for the company; we have worked diligently to become up-to-date on OTC filings, and we are now PINK current. In the coming weeks and months, we will be executing our business plan. This includes further developing and presenting our innovative IP portfolio, strengthening our management team with strategic appointments, the continued roll-out of our retail products, expansion into various distribution channels, and finally, the restructuring of the current share structure to be conducive and in-line with our Company’s goals. We want to thank all of our shareholders for the continued support and look forward to updating you further as we continue to execute.

Then, on May 11, 2021, PsyKey Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to form an exclusive strategic partnership with MycoVita Canada Inc., that is expected to accelerate the growth and market share for both companies, in the fast-growing mycology-based markets

“Exclusive strategic partnership with MycoVita Canada Inc.”

This strategic partnership will provide PsyKey Inc. exclusive access to formulations, science-backed research, supply chain security, and new potential distribution channels.

And more, on May 20, 2021, PsyKey Inc. has entered into a partnership with The Professional Gardner Co LTD. The PsyKey – Professional Gardener partnership will focus on the development and distribution of unique, innovative products for the fast-growing, commercial mushroom production industry, organic farming and home-based markets. 

Finally, PsyKey inc. add an important player to his team with the appointment of mental health professional and advocate Ms.Tessa Lawlor, B.A, M.A. to its Strategic Advisory Board.

“I am thrilled to be working with the PsyKey team to advise on all aspects relating to mental health and innovative ways to bring access to mental health care to people in need.”

– Ms.Tessa Lawlor

PsyKey Inc. is developing retail-ready nootropic-based consumables, utilizing innovative delivery systems who will allow them to not only generate revenue but also create brand awareness while navigating the waters of the fast-evolving psychedelic market. With their innovative delivery systems and the furthered development of their proprietary technologies, intellectual property, and patent portfolio, PsyKey Inc. is excited to build a strong position in this growing and evolving industry

The company tweeted on June 09 regarding the functional beuverage market which leads us to believe that they will be a major player :

Undervalued vs peers

In a market where the average valuation is very high. It is difficult for investors to find a company with a lot of upside potential. With a valuation of only $27M and everything to come for the company, PsyKey is very attractive to investors.

To come

Lots of developments are happening and in addition, they have recently announced that they have deals about to be announced which is very exciting for the shareholders.

Technical point of view

Finally, from a technical point of view, PsyKey is technically in breakout. Many developments are coming and should allow PsyKey to close the gap with its peers.

PsyKey is technically in breakout”

It’s time for investors to put PsyKey on their radar.

For more information:

Trading Symbols: CEOS (OTC PINK)
Market Cap: $27 000 000
Current Share Price: $0.13

Company website :

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