American Journal of Psychiatry Publishes International Ketamine and Esketamine Treatment Guidance Led by Braxia Scientific CEO Dr. Roger Mcintyre

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  • International Expert Opinion and Implementation Guidance outlines Ketamine and Esketamine treatment parameters setting the standard for the clinical implementation of these rapid-acting treatments in treatment resistant depression
  • Guidance published in the official Journal of the American Psychiatric Association establishes Braxia Scientific as an international leader in the rapidly evolving industry of Ketamine, Esketamine and rapid acting antidepressants

TORONTO, June 9, 2021 /CNW/ – Braxia Scientific Corp. (“Braxia”, or the “Company”), (CSE: BRAX) (OTC: BRAXF) (FWB: 496), a medical research company with clinics  providing novel ketamine treatments for persons with depression and related disorders, is pleased to announce the American Journal of Psychiatry, the most widely read psychiatric journal in the world, has published the International Expert Opinion and Implementation Guidance (the “Guidelines”) for the clinical use of rapid-acting Ketamine and Esketamine for treatment-resistant depression (TRD).  

The Guidelines were developed and led by Braxia’s CEO Dr. Roger S. McIntyre, M.D., and Braxia Health Medical Director, Joshua Rosenblat, M.D., M. Sc., along with an international group of 26 medical experts across five continents.


In 2019, Esketamine therapy received FDA approval with “breakthrough status” by the FDA. Both Esketamine and intravenous (IV) Ketamine are the first glutamate-based treatments demonstrated to be rapidly effective in adults suffering from TRD.  

“We have been encouraged to see increased availability and access to esketamine and ketamine for adults experiencing TRD. We have been equally interested to assure that implementation of these rapid-acting treatments is conducted according to the best of science and clinical practice parameters,” said Dr. Roger S. McIntyre, CEO, Braxia Scientific. “With the increasing number of practitioners and community-based clinics in the United States that have expanded their scope of practice to include ketamine and esketamine for treatment resistant depression, our goal is to support their ability to immediately implement our guidance and recommendations to provide their patients the best chance for a safe and effective treatment outcome.”

Dr. Roger S. McIntyre continued, “Our experience administering ketamine, and more recently esketamine, in a large number of people affected by treatment resistant depression since our first clinic opened in 2018, has provided us with the opportunity to inform practitioners, internationally, on the safe, evidence-based implementation of these treatments. We believe the integration of science with best practices in clinics, as described in our Expert Opinion and Implementation Guidance, provides a framework for the field, and improves the probability of success for patients receiving these treatments.”

Dr. Joshua Rosenblat added, “With the Guidelines published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, led by psychiatrists at Braxia, we will work together with practitioners and health professionals around the world to provide education, share our expertise and best practices so that patients with treatment resistant depression will receive the highest-quality care.”

The Guidelines were published in May 2021 in the American Journal of Psychiatry under the headline Synthesizing the Evidence for Ketamine and Esketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression.”

The Guidelines aim to synthesize for practitioners delivering treatment the available literature with respect to the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of esketamine and IV ketamine in adults with treatment resistant depression. An additional aim was to provide guidance for the safe and appropriate implementation of these agents in clinical practice with emphasis on practice parameters to be adopted by clinics providing esketamine and IV ketamine.

The full journal citation is: Synthesizing the Evidence for Ketamine and Esketamine in Treatment-Resistant Depression: An International Expert Opinion on the Available Evidence and Implementation. McIntyre RS, et al. Am J Psychiatry. 2021 May 1;178(5):383-399. doi: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2020.20081251

According to the American Journal of Psychiatry ( , it is the most widely read psychiatric journal in the world, an indispensable journal for all psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who need to stay on the cutting edge of virtually every aspect of psychiatry.

About Braxia Scientific Corp.

Braxia Scientific (CSE: BRAX) (OTC: BRAXF) (FWB: 496), is a medical research company with clinics that provide innovative ketamine treatments for persons with depression and related disorders. Through its medical solutions the Company aims to reduce the illness burden of brain-based mental disorders such as major depressive disorder among others. Braxia Scientific is primarily focused on (i) owning and operating multidisciplinary clinics providing ketamine treatment for mental health disorders and (ii) research activities related to discovering and commercializing novel drugs and delivery methods. The Company develops ketamine and psilocybin derivatives and other psychedelic products from its IP development platform. Braxia Scientific, through its wholly owned subsidiary, the Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence Inc., currently operates multidisciplinary community-based clinics offering rapid-onset treatments for depression located in Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

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