Psychedelic highlights | May 03 – 07

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Psychedelic highlights | May 03 – 07

Here is a summary of the news from the last week in the psychedelics market. The value of the psychedelics market is more than $100 billion according to Cannacord most recent report.

Psychedelic market value by company

Last week performance

Revive TherapeuticsRVV$0.475– 1 %
Field TripFTRP$5.69– 1.7 %
M2Bio SciencesWUHN$0.75– 4.9 %
CompassCMPS$34.07– 6.1 %
Psyched WellnessPSYC$0.285– 8.7 %
Cybin Inc. CYBN$2.00– 9.9 %
Red Light HollandsTRIP$0.305– 10.2 %
Mind CureMCUR$0.375– 10.7 %
NuminusNUMI$0.90– 14.2 %
MindMedMMED$3.99– 15.8 %

Story of the week

1. Revive Therapeutics Files for FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Psilocybin in Traumatic Brain Injury [news release]

Revive Therapeutics announce it has filed an application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) to receive Orphan Drug Designation (“ODD”) for Psilocybin to treat moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (“TBI”).

Read the full news HERE

2. Optimi Health Partnership with Numinus Wellness Provides Update on First All-Natural Psilocybin Protocol [news release]

Numinus announce that its previously announcedlab services agreement with Numinus Wellness Inc. (“Numinus”) (TSXV: NUMI) is progressing forward with an initial candidate for clinical trials, subject to Health Canada approvals.

Read the full news HERE

3. M2Bio Sciences (Wuhan General Group) Secures Lab for Hemp and Mycelium Eco-Friendly Research & Development and Liviana Artisanal CBD Olive Oils Have Arrived [news release]

M2Bio Sciences continue at greater scale the development of local, 100% bio-based, bio-sourced and biodegradable packaging solutions to replace single-use petroleum-based plastics.

And more, M2Bio Sciences Liviana CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils first batch is ready to hit the shelves.

Read the full article HERE

4. Champignon Brands Changes Name to Braxia Scientific to Reflect the Integration of Ketamine and Psychedelic Clinics and its Research and Development Priorities [news release]

Champignon Brands Inc.  announce that it has changed its name from “Champignon Brands Inc.” to “Braxia Scientific Corp.” and its ticker symbol will change from “SHRM” to “BRAX” on the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”). 

Read the full article HERE

5. Core One Labs Completes Milestone Acquisition of Akome Biotech, appointed World Renowned Physician and Commences Development on Patent Pending Psychedelic Drug Formulation for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease [news release]

Core One Labs  announce that it has completed the acquisition (the “Transaction”) of Akome Biotech Ltd. (“Akome”), appointed Dr. Santiago Ferro, Chief Executive Officer of Akome Biotech Ltd. and announce Akome Biotech Ltd. has commenced the development of its next-generation patent pending psychedelic drug formulation for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease (“Alzheimer’s”).

Read the full news HERE

6. Nova Mentis Launches Autism Clinical Study [news release]

Nova Mentis Life Science Corp. announce that its North American autism clinical study has been listed on (NCT04869930), a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Read the full news HERE

7. MindMed Announces Project Angie, Targeting the Treatment of Pain with Psychedelics [news release]

MindMed Inc. announces the launch of its Project Angie to advance the development of psychedelics, including LSD, to treat pain conditions.

Read the full news HERE

8. Lobe Sciences Acquires Vitamind Line of Wellness Products [news release]

Lobe Sciences announce that it has acquired, through its wholly owned subsidiary Eleusian Biosciences Corp. (“Eleusian“), the consumer goods product line, “Vitamind”.

Read the full news HERE

9. Field Trip Health Ltd. Announces Opening of Psychedelic-Enhanced Therapy Center in Houston; Locations of Next 5 Field Trip Health Centers [news release]

Field Trip  announced today the opening of its fifth location in the United States in the city of Houston, TX. Located in the River Oaks District, the Houston location is the second Field Trip Health center to open this year.

Read the full news HERE

10. Psyched Wellness Signs Supply Agreement for Amanita Muscaria [news release]

Psyched Wellness announce the Company has entered into a two year supply agreement with MB MEMEL GOODS, a Lithuanian company owned and operated by principals with over fifteen years of expertise, experience and know-how in gathering, processing and distributing various wild mushrooms, including Amanita muscaria and Chaga, and wild berries. 

Read the full news HERE

11. Red Light Holland Receives Patent Pending Status For ‘Find Your Dose’ Customization of Microdosing Kits Based on Biometric and Movement Data [news release]

Red Light Holland’s provide an update on its intellectual property as the Company has received patent pending status for the customization and personalization of microdosing kits and protocols based on biometric and movement data.

Read the full news HERE

12. Tryp Therapeutics Partners with Fluence for Psychotherapy Design [news release]

Tryp Therapeutics announced today a master service agreement with Fluence to provide design and training for the psychotherapeutic portion of Tryp’s clinical trial activities.

Read the full news HERE

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