Field Trip Health Ltd. Announces Official Opening of Psychedelic Research and Cultivation Facility in Jamaica

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TORONTO, Feb. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Field Trip Health Ltd. (CSE: FTRP; FTRP.WT; OTCQX: FTRPF) (“Field Trip“), a leader in the development and delivery of psychedelic therapies, is pleased to announce the official opening of the Field Trip Natural Products Limited Research and Development Laboratory for Psychedelic Fungi in Mona, Jamaica. The research facility, which is opening as part of Field Trip’s previously announced strategic partnership with the University of West Indies, is the world’s first legal research and cultivation facility dedicated exclusively to psilocybin-producing mushrooms and other plant-based psychedelics.

“Clinical studies on psilocybin and other plant-based psychedelic compounds have shown that they have great potential to produce profoundly positive changes in individuals, particularly those struggling from serious mental health conditions like anorexia, depression and PTSD,” said Dr. Nathan Bryson, Field Trip’s Chief Science Officer. “With the opening of this facility, Field Trip and UWI will be leaders in the understanding of psilocybin-producing fungi and how they can be best utilized in a treatment setting.”

The work at the new facility will leverage the research and development efforts that have been conducted by Field Trip at a temporary facility at UWI since January 2020, and will be broad-ranging, from genetics, breeding and cultivation work on many of the 180+ plus recorded species of psilocybin-producing mushrooms, to developing analytical methods for quality control, identification of novel molecules, as well as extractions and formulations for drug development purposes. Research at the Facility will be led by Rupika Delgoda, Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy and Director of the Natural Products Institute at UWI, who holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University (UK) in Pharmacology.

Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal at UWI, Mona, Professor Dale Webber added, “Field Trip has positioned itself as a global leader in the research and delivery of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and we look forward to working with its team in progressing the global conversation and understanding of psychedelic compounds. We are confident that this state-of-the-art facility and partnership with Field Trip will foster a wealth of innovation for the future of mental health research and therapies, even as we contribute to the regulatory framework that the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) is currently developing.” 

“Though science has been the primary catalyst for the psychedelic renaissance we’re in the midst of, the regulatory and legal environment is not far behind. We see this in the breakthrough therapy designations for psilocybin granted by the FDA. We see this in the success of Measure 109 in Oregon. We see this in the planned introduction of legislation for access to psilocybin therapies in California, Florida, Hawaii and Connecticut. We see this in the s. 56 compassionate access exemptions in Canada,” said Ronan Levy, Field Trip’s Executive Chairman. “However, in order for the full potential of these therapies to be realized, it’s critical that we rigorously research, test and understand not only how they work in the body, but also how we can best produce these drugs and products and make available to those who need them where we are legally able to do so.” 

The Field Trip Natural Products Limited Research and Development Laboratory for Psychedelic Fungi will officially open with a Grand Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, February 9th at 2PM EST. The virtual ceremony will be broadcast live and feature remarks from Field Trip executives, representatives from the University of the West Indies as well as The Honorable Daryl Vaz, the Minister of Science, Energy and Technology of Jamaica. 

About Field Trip Health Ltd.

Field Trip is a global leader in the development and delivery of psychedelic therapies. With our Field Trip Discovery division leading the development of the next generation of psychedelic molecules and conducting advanced research on plant-based psychedelics including psilocybin-producing fungi and our Field Trip Health division building centers for psychedelic therapies opening across North America and Europe along with the digital and technological tools that will enable massive scale, we help people, from those in treatment to those seeking accelerated personal growth, with a simple, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world. 

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