Psychedelic highlights | February 01 – 05

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Psychedelic highlights | February 01 – 05

Here is a summary of the news from the last week in the psychedelics market. The value of the psychedelics market is more than $100 billion according to Cannacord most recent report.

Psychedelic market value by company

Last week performance

MindMedMMED$4.39+ 15.5 %
Field TripFTRP$5.58+ 15 %
NuminusNUMI$1.47+ 13 %
Psyched WellnessPSYC$0.43+ 13 %
Mind CureMCUR$0.69+ 9.5 %
Red Light HollandsTRIP$0.52+ 8 %
M2Bio SciencesWUHN$0.437+ 6.8 %
CompassCMPS$45.25+ 3.2 %
Cybin Inc. CYBN$2.09+ 0.5 %
Revive TherapeuticsRVV$0.55– 1.7 %

Story of the week

1. PharmaTher Signs Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement for Patented Microneedle Delivery Technology to Deliver Ketamine and Announces Successful Completion of Pre-IND Meeting with FDA for the Clinical Development of Ketamine in the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease [news release]

PharmaTher is pleased to announce that PharmaTher has entered into an Exclusive Worldwide Patent and Know-how License Agreement for the development and commercialization of a patented hydrogel-forming microneedle delivery technology to support PharmaTher’s product and clinical development initiatives with ketamine.

And more, PharmaTher announced today the successful completion of a Type B pre-Investigational New Drug (“pre-IND”) meeting with the FDA.

Read the full news HERE

2. Entheon Biomedical Provides Update on Centre for Human Drug Research License Amendments and  Hires ClearTV Executive as VP of Digital Experience Entertainment Veteran Jonna Birgans [news release]

Entheon provides an update on license amendments issued to its clinical research organization, The Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR).

And more, Enthron announce the appointment of Jonna Birgans, a highly experienced media executive and producer, as Vice President of Digital Experience.

Read the full news HERE

3. Psyched Wellness Provides Update on Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Study of Muscimol [news release]

Psyched Wellness  is pleased to share an update on the previously announced study to determine the therapeutic values of muscimol for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes via a nerve derived immunity and neuroprotective modulation models.

Read the full news HERE

4. MindMed Streamlines Leadership with Further Emphasis on Integrating Psychedelic Drug Development with Digital Medicines and Therapeutics [news release]

MindMed announced Stephen Hurst will retire from his co-CEO and Executive Chair positions but will remain on the board of directors.  Dr. Glick has retired from his position on the board of directors but will continue to act as a scientific advisor. 

Read the full news HERE

5. Core One Labs Announces Its Entrance into the Ketamine Space with Proposed Acquisition of Ketamine Infusion Centers of Texas [news release]

Core One Labs is pleased to announce it has entered into a letter of intent (the “Letter of Intent“) dated January 20, 2021 with Ketamine Infusion Centers of Texas, LLC (“KICT“), an arms-length-party, to review a potential acquisition of KICT.

Read the full news HERE

6. Mydecine Innovations Group Receives Conditional Approval to List on NEO Exchange and Appoints Josephine Wu to Board of Directors [news release]

Mydecine Innovations Group™ announced today that it has received Conditional Approval to migrate and uplist its common shares with the NEO Exchange (“NEO”). Final approval is subject to the Company fulfilling all of NEO’s listing requirements.

And more, Mydecine announced the appointment of Josephine Wu, Founder and CIO at Aionious Management, Ltd., to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Read the full news HERE

7. Tryp Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris to Scientific Advisory Board and Appointment of Greg McKee as Executive Chairman [news release]

Tryp Therapeutics is pleased to announce that it has added world renowned psychedelic scientist, Dr. Robin Carhart Harris to help lead its Scientific Advisory Board. 

 And more, Tryp Therapeutics is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg McKee as Executive Chairman.

Read the full news HERE

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