A penny stock in the psychedelic market one step ahead ?

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It wasn’t until early 2020 that investors started hearing about the psychedelic market. This investor enthusiasm is certainly not unrelated to the report from the Cannacord firm which estimates the total market size for all indications under investigation at up to US $100.0B. Since, many companies have gone public with hundreds of millions of dollars and more in valuation.

But 2 years ago, long before investors started hearing about the psychedelic market, a small penny stock entered the magic mushrooms and psychedelics sector.

M2Bio Sciences | WUHN through its wholly-owned subsidiary MJ MedTech is researching and developing indications for psilocybin new therapies.

University of Pretoria

With a research collaboration and funding agreement with the University of Pretoria, South Africa, M2Bio Sciences is already a step ahead of the competition having already started studying long ago.

Already, the in vivo animal studies have been successfully completed and protocols for further in vivo animal studies and human studies are now being set and scheduled.


The research is being headed up by Sanah M. Nkadimeng, Ph.D. candidate 2020 at the University of Pretoria and is called:

“Isolation of psilocybin from the genus of Psilocybe and Panaeolus mushroom extracts and investigating their micro-dosing effects and their underlying mechanisms vis-a-vis depression and the cardiovascular risks in vivo on rats and in vitro on cell lines.“ (2018-2020 ).

Already, several studies have been carried out and have been submitted for review and publication including tests with other magic mushroom species. The anti-inflammatory effects from one study from one of the mushroom types has been completed and the results were published in August.

Many intellectual property

In addition, M2Bio Sciences has already collected many intellectual property from the studies carried out and has all the rights to their commercialization. What should be remembered is the huge difference in value between new players in the psychedelics market and M2Bio Sciences which remains one of the most under-valued.

Market Value

For example, Compass Pathways was the first psychedelic company to surpass $1 billion in market value when it went public a few weeks ago, even reaching $1.7 billion. With a value of just $15 million, M2Bio Sciences has enormous potential.


In addition, the company is preparing to launch Medspresso and Handcrafted Delights, i.e. 4 CBD-infused beverages and 10 mouthwatering CBD cookies.

The combined launch of Medspresso and Handcrafted Delights is highly anticipated. It is a major milestone for Wuhan and the timing is perfect with the ranges being available just in time for the holiday season.

Medspresso website HERE

‘’ We are thrilled to see these two very unique brands available for sale at our showroom and online. Inquiries about Medspresso have been very robust across Africa and internationally, ”

-said Michael Sachar, Commercial Director of CaffeLuxe.

The best is yet to come for M2Bio Sciences, which is forecasting millions of dollars in revenue for Medspresso just for the first year.

Publicly traded company (OTC Pink: WUHN)
Website: www.m2bio.co
E-mail: info@m2bio.co

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