Psychedelic market: What’s coming for M2Bio Sciences in 2021 ?

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The CEO of M2Bio Sciences (Wuhan General Group), Jeff Robinson, provided an update on the company in an interview which has just been published.

In this interview, Jeff Robinson mentioned to be very proud of the work accomplished by the company in 2020 and that everything has been done to make the company fully reported on the OTC which should be done in the first weeks of 2021. The removing the “STOP” sign will attract new investors and give the company credibility.

In addition, although the name “Wuhan General group” has been changed to “M2Bio Sciences” in the state of Nevada where the company is registered, the company is awaiting FINRA to complete the change at the stock exchange level. This change is expected in the coming weeks.

Jeff Robinson also mentions being very proud of the studies on psilocibin carried out in collaboration with the University of Pretoria. Already 2 studies have been published out of a total of 6 completed. The next ones to be released are of great significance to the psychedelic industry with animal testing. For 2020, Jeff mentions working on an even larger program with the University of Pretoria and that key people will be joining the company which will open the eyes of many.

For Jeff, 2021 will be an incredible year for M2Bio Sciences and will take the company to another level.

Although he does not want to give a prediction on the share price, he is convinced that the company is a bargain. It is certain that the market will react in 2021.

Priority for 2021

For Jeff, there are 3 priorities for the company in early 2021.

  1. Expand the agreement with the University of Pretoria to bring the psychedelic side to another level. It will be very, very meaningful for the company. Meetings are scheduled for January.
  2. Bring Lesotho into production. Everything is on the way to get cannabis production underway as quickly as possible.
  3. Continue launched unique products like Medspresso in the market. Several products are coming.

Jeff ends by mentioning that the company is 110% open to some merger and/or acquisition and that the future of the company is very positive.

It is clear that with a valuation of only $19 Million, M2Bio Sciences is a godsend with everything to come for the company.

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