M2Bio Sciences preparing to launch a line of mushroom based health beverages into the international retail market

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On December 08, 2020, M2Bio Sciences | WUHN (OTC) made an announcement that he was looking for a food scientist specializing in mushrooms for a launch a line of mushroom based health beverages. Also according to the announcement, the launch would take place in the international retail market.

M2Bio Sciences launched a few weeks ago its Medspresso and Handcrafted Delights brands i.e. 4 CBD-infused beverages and 10 mouthwatering CBD cookies like the Matcha White Chocolate Chip, Lavender and Fynbos Honey Shortbread and the Dark Ivory Coast Chocolate Macaron Cookie.

M2Bio Sciences in collaboration with the University of Pretoria, South Africa is currently investigating the different phytochemistry effects and physiological properties of psilocybin-containing magic mushroom species from genus Panaeolus and Psilocybe on depression and their underlying cardiac excitability.

The company announced a few days ago that it has started the process of updating its profile on OTCMarket. They will proceed to file and upload the required opinion letter and have Current Information status tier by mid-December. It’s a big step for the company.


Publicly traded company (OTC PINK:WUHN)

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