M2Bio Sciences inc, an opportunity of a lifetime?

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M2Bio Sciences, Inc | WUHN on OTC
(Formely Wuhan General Group)

In a stock market that assesses companies according to their potential and the related market. A small penny stock, ahead of its peers, has found itself in a situation that creates a rare opportunity in the market.

While many companies enter the psychedelics market with millions of funding and cheap papers for their leaders, M2Bio Sciences already has a study of psilocybin in 2019 with animals and is in the process of a study on the humans. All that without dilution.

But why is M2Bio Sciences still unknown ?

M2Bio Sciences comes from a shell which was called Wuhan General Group. And yes, that name had nothing to do with the company. This name was linked to a Chinese company and in addition the same name as the city of origin of the Coronavirus Covid-19.

Now the name changed to M2Bio Sciences and the new symbol coming up, M2Bio Sciences can now move forward with its many projects.

Investors have not heard much about Wuhan General Group in 2019 due to the illness of key executives. The stock went down very low because very few news releases were issued during this period.

But despite that, the work was done. During this period, M2Bio Sciences concluded a study on psylocibin on animals which paved the way for a study on psilocybin on humans which is under way.

With more than 1 year ahead of new players on the market, M2Bio Sciences is also fully funded by the company itself and has no cheap papers in circulation. This situation is quite unique in the market.

An extremely small float

A tiny 10 million float in a total of 43 million shares out with a market value of less than $15 million makes M2Bio Sciences a bomb ready to explode. We can remember the rise of the cannabis company Tilray on its entry on the stock market when its float was very low.

| A market value of less than $15 million

We are far from Mindmed with its 375+ Million shares and a market value of over $169 Million and from Champignon Brands with its 168+ Million shares and a market value of over $150 Million.

Market Cap in Millions

The company is currently on the OTC and although it is not a prestigious exchange, M2Bio Sciences plans to join NASDAQ as soon as the conditions are met rather than the Canadian market.

| M2Bio Sciences plans to join NASDAQ

According to the company, their plan is not to raise funding until the price is much higher and just what the company will need to progress.

There is even more

But that’s not all, in addition to studies on psylocibin, M2Bio Sciences is in the market for CBD and medical cannabis.

Cafféluxe will manufacture Wuhan’s Medspresso ™ CBD and Mushroom infused coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverages under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

The Cafféluxe agreement will enable Wuhan to enter legal, international markets around the globe.

Many more to come

Many significant events are coming for M2Bio Sciences including:

  • A stock symbol change.
  • A new corporate identity and new logo
  • A line of CBD products from Cosmetics and food for special medical purposes called Dr. AnnaRX
  • A study on psilocybin in humans
  • And much more…

The psychedelics market is now taking the place of cannabis as a new emerging market with an assessment in the billions of dollars according to analysts.

M2Bio Sciences has the potential of many multiples just to reach the average of the value of the main companies in the psychedelics market. This contrasts with the fact that they are a year ahead of their peers.

| Many multiples just to reach the average of the value of peers

M2Bio Sciences is doomed to explode when investors find out more about the company.

An opportunity of a lifetime ?

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