Psychedelic highlights | June 22-26

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The week of June 22-26 was again filled with amazing news in the psychedelic market

M2Bio Sciences, Inc | WUHN

After changing the name of the company last week to be more representative of the company, M2Bio Sciences, Inc. has announced big news to investors.

M2Bio Sciences Signs Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales Agreement with Cafféluxe for local and international distribution of Medspresso ™

Cafféluxe will manufacture Wuhan’s Medspresso ™ CBD and Mushroom infused coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverages under GMP and will enable M2Bio Sciences to enter legal, international markets around the globe

“This partnership is a great first step in developing and executing upon a much larger strategy between Wuhan and the Cafféluxe team. We are looking forward to getting our products on the shelf as soon as the lockdown restrictions are lifted in South Africa and the supply chain constraints have been mitigated, ”

-said Jeff Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of Wuhan General Group.

According to the company, Medspresso ™ has the potential to generate more than $33 million in revenue per year and this product is only the first for this exponentially growing company.

This announcement follows the Name Change and Rebranding to M2Bio Sciences and a series of news that takes the company to new heights

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Champignon Brands Inc | SHRM

After learning the previous week that Champignon Brands Inc. has been served a Cease Trade Order (CTO) by the British Columbia Securities Commission. The company issued a press release regarding this situation.

Champignon Brands Inc. announces that it has been selected for a continuous disclosure review by the British Columbia Securities Commission in connection with the acquisitions of Artisan Growers Ltd., Novo Formulations Ltd. and Tassili Life Sciences Corp.

The Company will fully cooperate with the Commission, to assist in completion of the review and revocation of the cease trade order in a timely fashion.

We do not have a specific date for the resumption of trading on the stock exchange

Numinus | NUMI

Then, Numinus Wellness Inc. announces Clinical Advisory Council to advance integrated wellness model chaired by Numinus Chief Medical Officer Dr. Evan Wood.

“Our Clinical Advisory Council brings together scientific, mental health and clinical leaders to explore the potential of psychedelic assisted therapies in a safe, controlled therapeutic environment, The council will work with company leadership to drive Numinus forward and engage policy makers and legislators to create the conditions where psychedelic therapies can be considered and advanced.”

-says Dr. Wood. 

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