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For several months, the psychedelic market has been on fire. This market, still unknown several months ago, is now the hottest on the market. Why ?

This market is valued at more than $ 350 billion and attracts the many companies that are entering this lucrative market. The psychedelics market is mainly medical, but some cities in the United States have decriminalized psilocybin, including Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz.


A series of big IPOs



In recent months, a few companies have entered the public market with millions of financing.  One of the first is Champignons Brands (SHRM) which has made an IPO around 20 cents.  A few
weeks later, Mushrooms Brands (SHRM) reached $2.40 with a company value of more than $415 million.



A few weeks later, MindMed (MMED) with Bruce Linton made a staggering entry at $0.60 to reach $0.99 a few days later for a company value of $305 Million.  Currently the shares price of MindMed (MMED) is around $0.50.




Finally, Numinus (Numi) then made an expected entry to the stock market at $1.00 and the company then reached a value of more than $93 Million..



A company goes completely under the radar


It’s big names have raised millions of funds but there has been a company in the psychedelic market for over 1 year which is currently going under the radar with a value of only $11 Million.

This company is self funded and has a float of only 10 Million shares which makes it one of the most undervalued on the psychedelic market: It is WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC)




Unlike the popular companies mentioned above, WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC) does not have millions of cheap paper that will flood the market when small investors put their money. On the contrary, WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC) has only 43 million shares issued with a float of 10 million shares which gives it enormous upside potential compared to the others.


WUHN only has a float of 10 million shares


Among the leaders in terms of clinical study


WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC) is one of the only companies in the world to have already carried out an in vitro / in vivo study with psilocybin in animals and which is in the process of a clinical study on humans.


In addition a line of CBD products


WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC)  has 2 lines of CBD including an exclusive line of CBD infused beverages in biodegradable capsule format name MEDSPRESSO


and a Cosmetics and food for special medical purposes (FSMP) name Dr. AnnaRx



The market for this line of CBD-based products is valued by the company at a total of over $85 million in revenues annually.






But why the company doesn’t have a higher value right now.


Unlike other companies that have made a very recent media debut, WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC), which has been in operation for more than 1 year, has chosen a very strict spending model to develop the company by choosing to make the least amount of funding possible to keep shareholder value.

To date, WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC) is self funded and is also ahead of its competitors with a study with psilocybin in-vitro / in-vivo with animals and which is in the process of a clinical study on humans.

Of course, the company may need some additional funds to reach its full potential, but it will not come at the expense of shareholders.

Finally, CEO Jeff Robinson promises us several news to come, including a name change that will further reflect the company’s direction.

The upside potential is immense for WUHAN GENERAL GROUP INC. | WUHN (OTC) only to join its competitors.


Market cap vs Peers






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