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Alongside team members, Payton Nyquvest, CEO and Founder of Numinus, joined Brady Fletcher, Managing Director & Head of TSX Venture Exchange to virtually open the market and celebrate the recent Numinus listing on TSX Venture Exchange. (TSXV:NUMI) 

Numinus is a Vancouver-based health care company helping to support the universal desire to heal and be well. Numinus believes in new approaches and new ways of thinking about mental illness, addictions, and trauma, including the application of psychedelic assisted therapies when approved by regulators. For more information, please visit Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada

For Market Openings: Media may pick up a feed from the TOC (television operations centre) for all market open ceremonies. The feed is named TSX Transmit 1 (SD-SDI) and is produced at the TMX Broadcast Centre and sent live to the TOC. To pick up the feed via the Dejero network, please contact Buy Valium Mastercard Online. The client feature video will begin playing on the TMX media wall at approximately 9:27 a.m. ET and the markets will open with the sound of a siren at 9:30 a.m. ET

Date:  Thursday, May 21st, 2020
Time:   9:00am – 9:30am
Place:  Virtually Broadcast

SOURCE TMX Group Limited


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The Cannabis Stock and its employees may from time to time own shares of the companies named in the articles. All the facts reported by the cannabis stock are information that comes directly from the companies, from their website or on Sedar and are only published as information.

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