Roadman Investments Signs Definitive Agreement with Psychedelic Insights Solidifying Psychedelics Clinic Investment

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March 31, 2020 – TheNewswire – VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Roadman Investments Corp. (TSXV:LITT) (FWB:1QD) (OTC:RMANF) (“ Roadman Investments” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the signing of a definitive agreement with Psychedelic Insights to form a joint venture for the purpose of opening up a legal psychedelic treatment center in the state of California upon the legalization or medical approval of psilocybin.

Psychedelic Insights is one of the only companies in the world that offers psychological guided psychedelic experiences with magic psilocybin truffles in their safe psychedelic space in the center of Amsterdam. The company has experienced specialists, a passion for healing people, proven results, mature IT marketing and sales infrastructure with bookings system, CRM, Mail-systems, Screening evaluation, etc.  Psychedelic Insights is perfect partner for Roadman as their business is very scalable across jurisdictions. 

With the liberalisation of drug policies globally we anticipate the need for qualified certified therapists and practitioners to be a major bottleneck to growth. Psychedelic Insights offers a comprehensive training program that will allow the scale across the US as new states approve treatments. Roadman Investments providing capital and Psychedelic Insights providing the expertise and operating the centers. The number of researchers, universities, and other institutions conducting and publishing scientific studies on the healing powers of psychedelics is increasing daily and is at an all-time high. Stigma is dissolving and people are starting to seek out psychedelic experiences and we expect there to be a lot of demand for these mental health services in the future. 

California is a great starting point for the first Psychedelic Insights Center in the US as the state is very progressive, has the most cities that decriminalized psilocybin in the country and has the largest population. 

Definitive Agreement Terms 

  • – Roadman shall contribute up to $500,000 USD to the partnership in order to launch the center’s operations, which the Company will source from financing or selling of assets.- Roadman Investments and Psychedelic Insights are jointly responsible to manage finances, arranging insurance and deposits, creating a budget, managing expenses and creating financial reports.- Psychedelic Insights shall contribute to establishing the center’s requirements, protocols, patient intakes, promotional marketing, supplier sourcing for needed materials, overall logistical coordination and registration.- Psychedelic Insights is responsible for a high-quality business plan at least 5 months prior to the launch of the clinic- Psychedelic Insights is responsible for the coordination and hiring of mental health professionals to operate the center.


Psychedelic insights grant Roadman Investments a 36-month period of exclusivity for the state of California. Neither Psychedelic Insights nor any of its representatives will, at any time solicit, encourage, discuss, negotiate or entertain any proposals from or provide financial, operating or any other non-public information to, any party other than Roadman with respect to the subject matter of the proposed partnership.

Equity Interests 

Each Partner shall be entitled to each item of the Partnership’s income, profit, gain, loss, cost, deduction, credit or allowance in proportion to its Partnership Interest listed below:


CEO and Director Luke Montaine stated: “Psychedelic Insights is currently one of the few operational psychedelic clinics in the world and have an amazing team that is helping people achieve personal transformations with psychedelics. This agreement will allow both companies to launch, when legally permitted to, and capture a first mover advantage in the country.”

In addition, we advise that the Company will be required to secure financing of equity or debt, sell investment assets and/or seek alternative financing methods in order fund the fulfillment of the above disclosed obligations.  There is risk that the license or approval for planned treatment center may not be obtained and that if approval is not obtained the Psychedelic Insights Center and joint venture will not exist.

About Roadman Investments 

Roadman Investments is a Canadian Venture Capital and Advisory Firm that strives to actively drive innovation and accelerate growth within its portfolio holdings in order to realize alpha returns for its shareholders. Roadman invests capital into companies that offer breakthrough products, devices, treatments and health supplements.

About Psychedelic Insights 

Psychedelic Insights is a legal, safe and healing psilocybin therapy center based in the Netherlands. You can learn more about the company here:

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