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Shares :


Key Operating Highlights

OTTAWA, March 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HEXO Corp. (TSX: Buy Valium Mastercard Online; NYSE: HEXO) (“HEXO” or the “Company”) today reported its financial results for the second quarter fiscal 2020 ended January 31, 2020. All amounts are expressed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

“We have continued our focus on improving our operations and expanding distribution across Canada.  Our strategy with Original Stash has demonstrated that we can directly compete with the black market,” said Sebastien St-Louis, CEO and co-founder of HEXO Corp. “The industry continues to see challenges ahead, and following a strategic review of the Company’s core and non-core assets we believe we have positioned HEXO to meet these challenges head on.”

Operational and Financial Highlights  

For the three months endedFor the six months ended
Income Statement Snapshot (in millions)January 31, 2020January 31, 2019January 31, 2020January 31, 2019
  $  $ $
Revenue from sale of goods23.816.243.1 22.8
Excise taxes(6.9) (2.8)(11.7) (3.8)
Net revenue from sale of goods17.013.431.419.0
Ancillary revenue0.
Gross margin before fair value adjustments 5.76.910.2 9.8
Gross margin(7.9)11.6(29.0) 18.8
Operating expenses(281.5)(18.5)(321.0)(40.5)
Loss from operations(289.4)(6.9)(350.0) (21.7)
Other income/(expenses and losses) (8.8)2.6(14.3)4.5
Net loss before tax(298.2)(4.3)(364.3)(17.1)
Tax recovery  –  –6.0  –
Total net loss(298.2)(4.3)(358.3)(17.1)

Second Quarter 2020 Highlights

Gross revenue increased 23% to $23.8M from $19.3M in Q1’20.  Net revenue increased 17% to $17.0M from $14.5M in Q1’20.

Adult-use cannabis shipped revenue in Q2’20 increased 21% to $24.4M from $20.2M in Q1’20.  Net adult use revenue increased 20% to $16.3M from $13.6M in Q1’20. The primary driver of the increase in sales during the quarter was the launch of Original Stash in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta during the quarter, and the increase volume sold in Quebec.  Adult use sales volume in Q2’20 increased 57% to 6,579 kg from 4,196 kg sold in the prior quarter. 

Gross adult-use revenue per gram equivalent decreased to $3.49 in Q2’20 from $4.35 in Q1’20, reflecting the impact of the increasing portfolio share of Original Stash, the Company’s value brand.  The adult-use net revenue per gram equivalent decreased to $2.47 in Q2’20 from $3.24 in Q1’20.

Q2’20Q1’20Q4’ 19Q3’19Q2 ’19
Shipped Revenue (in millions)24.4 20.222.814.614.8
Less: price concessions (0.2)(1.2)(2.8)
Less: provision for sales returns (1.2)(0.7)(1.0)
Revenue from sale of adult-use cannabis  23.0 18.3(1.0)14.614.8
Excise taxes  (6.7)(4.7)(4.9)(2.7)(2.6)
Net revenue from sale of adult-use cannabis  16.3  13.614.111.912.2

Gross margin before fair value adjustments for Q2’20 was $5.7M or 33% of net revenue from sale of goods, compared to $4.6M and 31% in the prior quarter.

The Company incurred an write down on inventory of $16.1M during Q2’20 compared with $23.0M during Q1’20. The write down was realized on the Company’s inventory in comprised of the following;

Operating expenses increased to $281.5M compared with $39.5M in Q1’20.  Included in operating expenses, are certain expenses which management believes are expenses that are non-recurring or non-cash and related to significant changes in market conditions.   Included in these expenses are:

When normalized for these non-recurring or non-cash expenses related to significant changes in market conditions, the company reports normalized operating expenses of $28.1M, compared with $35.1M in Q1’20. A 21% decrease as the result of a decrease in marketing expenditures and headcount, as the Company continues to reduce previous spending levels to refocus operations on becoming adjusted EBITDA positive. When normalized for other non-cash expenses the company reports normalized operating expenses of $16.1M, compared to $23.9M in Q1’20.

Loss from operations for the quarter was ($289.4M), compared with ($60.6M) in the prior period. Excluding non-cash write downs and impairment charges in Q2’20, adjusted net loss was ($23.2M) compared with ($34.0M) in Q1’20.

Adjusted EBITDA (in millions)Q2’20Q1’20Q4 ’19Q3 ’19Q2 ’19
 Total net loss(298.2)(60.0)(44.7)(7.8)(4.3)
  Income taxes (recovery)(6.0)(18.2)
  Finance expense (income), net3.3(0.1)(1.3)(1.1)(1.3)
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment2.
Amortization of intangible assets1.
Investment (gains) losses  
Revaluation of financial instruments loss/(gain)(2.7)(0.3)(0.5)1.10.8
Share of loss from investment in joint venture1.
Unrealized loss/(gain) on convertible debentures0.
Unrealized loss on investments6.61.70.3
Realized loss/(gain) on investments0.20.2
Foreign exchange loss/(gain)(0.6)
Non-cash fair value adjustments  
Realized fair value amounts on inventory sold5.
Unrealized gain on changes in fair value of biological assets(7.9)(7.1)(5.3)(20.1)(8.4)
Non-recurring expenses  
Restructuring costs0.23.7
Other non-cash items  
Share-based compensation7.
Write-off biological assets and destruction costs0.7
Write-off of inventory2.2
Impairment loss on inventory16.123.019.3
Impairment loss on right-use-assets0.50.7   
Impairment loss on property, plant and equipment31.6
Impairment loss on intangible assets106.2
Impairment loss on goodwill111.9
Realization of onerous contract3.0
Disposal of long-lived assets0.5
Adjusted EBITDA(10.3)(19.4)(29.6)(9.2)(6.0)

During Q2’20, the Company’s calculated adjusted EBITDA results were ($10.3M), compared with ($19.4M). This represents a 47% decrease.

Financial Position

As at January 31, 2020, the Company held cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $81.4M.

Management estimates that the working capital as at January 31, 2020 and forecasted cash flows will require additional capitalization in order to meet the Company’s obligations, commitments and budgeted expenditures through January 31, 2021.  Please see the financial statements for more detail.


HEXO is also carefully monitoring and assessing the evolving situation related to COVID-19 and the potential impact to its business, employees and customers. HEXO is working diligently to protect the health and safety of its employees and to ensure that there is no disruption to its supply of medical and adult-use cannabis. As of today, manufacturing facilities remain open, with additional measures in place to allow the Company to maintain the capacity needed to fulfil orders. Additional measures include: temporary restriction of visitors to facilities; work from home policy and support for employees who can do so; employees who feel unwell or have travelled are asked to stay home; hosting all meetings via digital tools; significant investment into additional sanitation measures; consistent communication to employees with reminders and instructions on practicing good personal hygiene, including proper handwashing; and operational measures to support social distancing, such as staggered break schedules and workstations. 

“Our priority is the safety and wellness of our employees, and that is what our emergency response team is focused on,” added St-Louis. “We are proud to be taking decisive and appropriate measures to protect our teams, our sites, and our ability to respond to our customers and medical clients’ needs.” 

At the current time, the Company remains operational, as the cannabis sector has been included as an essential workplace in Ontario and Quebec.

The management’s discussion and analysis for the period and the accompanying financial statements and notes are available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR at Cheap Valium Australia and on its website at Where To Buy Valium In Dublin

ALERT | Revive Therapeutics Engages Pharma-Olam and Strengthens Infectious Diseases Clinical Development Team to Advance U.S. FDA Clinical Study for COVID-19 | Valium Mastercard


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