UPDATED RUMOR on Coca Cola about to enter the Canadian CBD market with Aurora ?

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UPDATE : The Coca-Cola’s company just made Statement to Bloomberg:

“These rumors are untrue. As we have stated many times, we have no plans to enter the CBD market.”

A vidpeo is currently circulating on the internet suggesting that Coca Cola (KO-TO) is about to enter the CBD market in Canada.

The video shows a man who has a father who is an engineer for a company that makes bottling machines for pharmaceutical and food companies.

Recently, he was reportedly approached by Coca Cola in Canada to design and manufacture child-resistant covers. According to the man, Coca Cola is about to release a new line of CBD extract products in Canada.

The man tests in the video a prototype that his father provided him. Here is the video:

Update: The video has been removed by its author in the last hours

But a member on Twitter published the saved video following its withdrawal by its author:

All of this brings us back to the rumor of about 1 year ago that Aurora Canabis (ACB-TO) and Coca Cola (KO-TO) were about to sign an agreement.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed and it’s still a rumor but this video is starting to go viral on social networks.

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