Quebec can not restrict access to cannabis according to a recent judgment. HEXO (TSX-NYSE) the big winner?

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An important decision of the superior court has just been announced is the invalidation of two sections of the Quebec provincial law that prohibited the cultivation of cannabis at home for personal use.

This decision may be a turning point for the 2nd waves of legalization planned for October.

According to Justice Manon Lavoie of the Superior Court of Quebec, sections 5 and 10 of the Cannabis Act in Quebec, passed before it was legalized in October 2018, contravene the federal jurisdiction in criminal matters.

The disputed articles do not restrict […], but impose a total ban,

writes Manon Lavoie, which suggests, according to her, that the province is actually seeking to overcome the repeal of the old provisions making the culture personal and the possession of criminal cannabis plant.

In other words, Quebec does not complement the federal law, but significantly encroaches on sections 8 and 10 of the regulations adopted by Ottawa.

The Tribunal is therefore of the opinion that the provisions in question were adopted in order to repress the personal production of cannabis, in order to restrict the accessibility of this product and to strengthen its control

continues Justice Lavoie.

This decision opens the door to a challenge to the Legault government’s edible law bill that completely bans certain edibles such as chocolate, jujube ect …

With this decision, it is clear that the Legault government will have to review its bill which will be good for the cannabis companies including HEXO (TSX-NYSE) which is the preferred supplier of the SQDC (Quebec Society of Canabis).

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