A big tobacco company will buyout a cannabis producer ?

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Today, major cannabis companies have experienced a major increase following a rumor that a big tobacco company is going to buy one of them.

According to some sources, the rumor would be reliable and come from influential people in the industry and a major New York firm.

Some title today:

  • HEXO + 4.49%
  • WEED + 5.63%
  • ACB + 3.13%
  • APHA + 3.46%
  • OGI + 3.02%
  • TLRY + 17.26%

The rumor is particularly about the Tilray company which had the biggest increase today, 17%.

This rumor comes as Tilray has just suffered a drop from Cowen Research on the target price of $150 which is now $60.

Maybe this rumor will give strength to the market that has suffered a dip during the summer period. Do not forget that the edibles is coming fast and should give the market a second wind, according to several experts

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