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TORONTO, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aleafia Health Inc.’s (TSX: ALEF, OTC: ALEAF) (“Aleafia Health” or the “Company”) indirect subsidiary, Emblem Germany GmbH (“Emblem Germany”), has formally submitted its application to German regulators for EU Good Manufacturing Practices (“EU-GMP”) certification.

The Company’s newly licensed Paris Facility has been purpose built to meet EU-GMP certification requirements, pharmaceutical-grade production’s highest standard, and as a result, provides wide access to global markets. The application, if successful, would allow the Company’s Paris Facility to produce and export EU-GMP certified cannabis products to the European Union.

Cannabis production operations commenced on May 6, 2020 at the Paris Facility Phase II expansion, only three business days following receipt of the amended Health Canada licence.

Aleafia Health indirectly owns 60 percent of Emblem Germany, by way of a joint-venture between Emblem and German pharmaceutical wholesaler and logistics company, Acnos Pharma GmbH (“Acnos”). It is difficult to ascertain the timeline for securing certification, but the Company intends to continue preparing for an eventual facility inspection.


Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada

Aleafia Health and Acnos’ senior management are directing the effort and have previously led the build-out, certification and operation of multiple EU-GMP certified pharmaceutical production facilities in The Netherlands, Germany and North America.

Later this month, Acnos is expected to complete a new state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production and supply chain facility in Aachen Brand, Germany. It contains a dedicated cannabis distribution hub that Acnos owns and Emblem Germany will operate, allowing the Company to commence sales upon receipt of necessary German export and import permits.

“The state-of-art expansion of the Paris Facility, purpose built to meet EU-GMP standards, creates a unique competitive advantage with significant barriers to entry,”

-said Aleafia Health CEO Geoffrey Benic.

“We look forward to leveraging the skillsets of our strong partner Acnos Pharma along with our management team’s in-house EU-GMP expertise.”

Maximillian Claudel, Acnos Co-Owner and Managing Director, Emblem Germany said :

“The near completion of our international cannabis distribution center along with Emblem’s Paris Facility Phase II expansion licence are breakthrough milestones toward our goal to achieve a EU-GMP Licence and receiving Emblem-produced cannabis oil products in Germany,”

Aleafia Health | ALEF (TSX) is UP 97% from fews weeks ago.

About Aleafia Health:

Aleafia Health is a vertically integrated and federally licensed Canadian cannabis company offering cannabis health and wellness services and products in Canada and in international markets. The Company operates medical clinics, education centres and production facilities for the production and sale of cannabis.

Aleafia Health owns three significant licensed cannabis production facilities, including the first large-scale, legal outdoor cultivation facility in Canadian history. The Company produces a diverse portfolio of commercially proven, high-margin derivative products including oils, capsules and sprays. Aleafia Health operates the largest national network of medical cannabis clinics and education centres staffed by MDs, nurse practitioners and educators and operates internationally in three continents.

Innovation, the heart of Aleafia Health’s competitive advantage, has led to the Company maintaining a medical cannabis dataset with over 10 million data points to inform proprietary illness-specific product development and its highly differentiated education platform FoliEdge Academy. The Company is committed to creating sustainable shareholder value; the TSX Venture Exchange named Aleafia the 2019 top performing company prior to its graduation to the TSX.

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This article is written and published by The Cannabis Stock

Disclaimer : The Cannabis Stock wants to promote the cannabis market with the best articles and news on the market. The Cannabis Stock does not recommend selling or buying any of the company mentioned and is not responsible for any losses that may result. The Cannabis Stock are engaged in the business of marketing and advertising companies

The Cannabis Stock and its employees may from time to time own shares of the companies named in the articles. All the facts reported by the cannabis stock are information that comes directly from the companies, from their website or on Sedar and are only published as information.

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