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Buy Roche Diazepam Uk, Buy Valium

Shares :


Q2 2020 net revenue of $23.2 million compared to Q1 2020 net revenue of $25.2 million

Organigram Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: OGI) (TSX: OGI), the parent company of Organigram Inc. (together, the “Company” or “Organigram”), a leading licensed producer of cannabis, is pleased to announce its results for the second quarter ended February 29, 2020 (“Q2” or “Q2 2020”).

(in 000s)Q2 2020Q2 2019% Change
Select Key Financial Metrics   
Gross revenue27,30933,473-18%
Excise taxes(4,088)(6,539)-37%
Net revenue23,22126,934-14%
Cost of sales15,81110,89045%
Gross margin (GM) before fair value changes to biological assets & inventories7,41016,044-54%
Fair value changes to biological assets & inventories3,878(8,086)nm*
Gross margin11,2887,95842%
Sales, marketing, general & administrative 
(excluding share-based compensation, or “SG&A”)
Net loss from continuing ops(6,833)(6,386)7%
GM before fair value changes to biological assets & 
inventories as % of net revenue
SG&A as a % of net revenue60%21%39%
Adjusted EBITDA1(1,098)13,256-108%
Adjusted EBITDA as a % of net revenue2(5)%49%nm*
* not meaningful
Select Balance Sheet Metrics (in 000s)February 29, 2020August 31, 2019% Change
Cash and short-term investments41,23947,935-14%
Biological assets and inventories140,831113,79624%
Other current assets26,26434,550-24%
Accounts payable and other current liabilities **111,58243,864154%
Working capital **96,752152,417-37%
Property, plant and equipment279,109218,47028%
Long-term debt **29546,067-99%
Total assets502,276428,52517%
Total liabilities124,175101,51922%
Shareholders’ equity378,101327,00616%

** In accordance with IFRS, the Company has classified the long-term portion of the BMO term loan ($76.4 million) to current liabilities as the Company was in violation of one of the financial covenants contained in the agreement governing the term loan. The Company obtained a waiver from its lenders that waives compliance with this covenant until May 30, 2020. See “Liquidity and Capital Resources” section in this press release.

“Our second quarter results reflect continued execution despite ongoing industry challenges,” said Greg Engel, CEO. “We introduced new products such as our Edison Bytes chocolates, Edison Limelight dried flower and Trailblazer vape pens and continue to elevate the Canadian consumer’s cannabis experience. These products have been well received with strong customer demand to date and we look forward to further roll-outs in the space.”

The Company continues to diversify its revenue streams. During the quarter traditional Rec 1.0 products in the adult-use recreational space represented 52% of net revenue (91% in Q2 2019). New Rec 2.0 products (chocolates, vape pens) in the adult-use recreational space represented 13% of net revenue (0% in Q2 2019). Wholesale sales to other large Canadian Licensed Producers represented 24% (0% in Q2 2019) with Canadian medical sales representing 10% (9% in Q1 2019) and international sales representing 1% (0% in Q2 2019). The Company continues to pursue additional opportunities to expand its product mix and customer base.

Key Financial Results for the Second Quarter Fiscal 2020

Key Commentary on Q2 2020 Results vs Q1 2020

Adult-Use Recreational Launch 2.0 (“Rec 2.0”) – Derivative and Edible Products

Phase 4 Expansion

Phase 5 Under Refurbishment

COVID-19 Corporate Action Plan 


Liquidity and Capital Resources

Capital Structure 

(in 000s)February 29, 2020August 31, 2019
Current and long-term debt$85,203 $49,576
Shareholders’ equity378,101327,006
Total debt and shareholders’ equity$463,304 $376,582
Outstanding common shares173,079156,196
Restricted share units999842
Performance share units132 
Total fully-diluted shares183,463165,872

Outstanding basic and fully diluted share count as at April 9, 2020 is as follows:

(in 000s)April 9, 2020
Outstanding common shares173,079
Restricted share units963
Performance share units132
Total fully diluted shares183,146

Second Quarter Fiscal 2020 Conference Call

The Company will host a conference call to discuss its results with details as follows:

Date:April 14, 2020
Time:8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
Toll Free (North America) Dial-In Number: 1-866-211-4093
International Dial-In Number: 647-689-6727
Webcast:Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada

A replay of the webcast will be available within 24 hours after the conclusion of the call at Buy Valium Mastercard Online and will be archived for a period of 90 days following the call.

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