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KELOWNA, BC, Feb. 24, 2020 /CNW/ – Valens GroWorks Corp. (TSXV:Where Can I Buy Valium In Canada – Buy Valium Mastercard Online) (OTCQX:Cheap Valium Australia – Where To Buy Valium In Dublin) (the “Company“, “Valens” or “The Valens Company“), a global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative, cannabinoid-based products, is pleased to report its financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended November 30, 2019.

Key Financial Highlights of the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019


Buy Roche Diazepam Online

Tyler Robson, CEO of Valens.

“In Fiscal 2019 we added significant scale to our operations and became the largest white label product development, manufacturing and third-party extraction company in Canada,” “Our multi-year extraction contracts with industry leading players positioned us as the partner of choice in the industry and drove significant revenue, gross profit and adjusted EBITDA growth. In the second half of 2019, we broadened our offering to include white label product development and we now produce a broad portfolio of safe, consistent and innovative products to help our partners build brands and differentiate themselves in the market.

These white label product development initiatives contributed to record revenues in the fourth quarter of 2019 as new and existing customers pushed to roll out Cannabis 2.0 oil-based products into the market. Our margins in the fourth quarter also remained strong and were only slightly lower than our Q3 results.  However, we do expect this type of margin contraction to continue in the coming quarters as we build out our infrastructure and execute on our strategic shift towards becoming a next generation product company which offers increased opportunity and greater EBITDA per input gram but a more conservative margin profile.  This strategic shift is now well underway and our white label contracts now outnumber our extraction contracts, and include top-tier names such as BRNT, Shoppers Drug Mart and Iconic Brewing.”

Key Operating Highlights of the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2019

Jeff Fallows, President of Valens:

“As expected, our shift to smaller processing lots to facilitate a broad entry of Cannabis 2.0 products by our customers resulted in stable processing volumes in the quarter and a corresponding increase in our revenue per gram of input.  The rapid growth we experienced in the fourth quarter resulted in an increase in our receivables and as at November 30, 2019 we had $34.4 million of trade receivables outstanding.  However, despite operating with an elevated working capital position for a brief period of time, the Company has subsequently collected or has trade payables outstanding with the same customers representing 81% of the trade receivables balance.

In short, we continue to enjoy a strong working relationship with our customers and the strength of our balance sheet continues to provide us with the flexibility to drive growth both organically and through acquisitions in domestic and international markets. In February 2020, we achieved a milestone when we announced purchase orders for our first international shipments of white label products to customers in Australia. We are now at an inflection point and expect our operations to gain momentum as we execute on existing contracts and secure new ones at this pivotal time in the market’s evolution.”

The following table of financial highlights is presented in thousands of Canadian dollars, except per share and biomass extracted amounts.

The management’s discussion and analysis for the period and the accompanying financial statements and notes are available under the Company’s profile on SEDAR at Buy Diazepam Pills.

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The Cannabis Stock and its employees may from time to time own shares of the companies named in the articles. All the facts reported by the cannabis stock are information that comes directly from the companies, from their website or on Sedar and are only published as information.

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