Inside Aurora’s premium organic cannabis acquisition WMMC

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From Neggar Shafai, Manager, Investor Relations

Even as it expands to a new 62,000 square foot facility, Aurora’s wholly owned subsidiary, Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC) remains focused on providing high-quality, organic certified products.

WMMC was founded in 2013 by Christopher Pelz in the mountains of Whistler, where it has been selling high-quality, small-batch, certified organic cannabis to the medical market since April, 2014. When WMMC was established it was Canada’s first and only organic certified cannabis producer.

“From day one, we always wanted to make sure WMMC was a high-quality, organic producer,”

says Pelz.

“We have never grown any other way.”

Christopher Pelz

The business was started in an area of B.C. with a deep history of cannabis production — the Sea-to-Sky Corridor.  Well known for cannabis cultivation, British Columbia boasts prime growing conditions for outdoor cultivation.

“Whistler was created in area where there are many seasoned growers who are passionate about producing quality cannabis. We are located in the spiritual home of B.C. bud,”

says Sophie Rivers, Brand Manager at WMMC

Constructed to EU GMP standards, WMMC’s recently completed production facility, located in Pemberton, B.C., will be ramping up to produce nearly 4,500 kg per year of premium organic cannabis. 

“The grow rooms are complete and the soil is ready to go,”

says Pelz.

“What that means for Whistler is essentially a dramatic increase in our growing capacity. Before this phase of our construction, we had four growing rooms. Once fully operational, there will be 15 rooms. It’s a huge milestone for us.”

WMMC will be applying the same growing techniques that it has always used and scaling up to meet the demand from medical patients and consumers across Canada.

“We are still growing in the same organic certified ways,”

says Pelz.

“There are no chemicals used in our process — we’re still doing everything by hand; we have just employed many more people to do the work.”

Using the same cultivation techniques that the company used in 2013, WMMC continues to take a unique approach to cultivation, using soil as a growing medium.

“By using living soil, we create an ecosystem where the plant can get everything it needs,”  

explains Rivers.

“We don’t throw the soil out every time we do a harvest, instead it is recycled. At the moment, we’re at five years of reusing the soil — we’re hoping to get nine years out of the soil in each room.”

Pelz founded the company’s operations in a small warehouse in the Function Junction industrial area of Whistler, British Columbia, and in the first couple of years, the small businesses expanded into three other units in Function Junction. It soon became clear that the team would need to expand their operations to serve the number of patients and customers interested in the product, so Pelz purchased land in Pemberton and, with investors on board, started to build the 62,000 square foot Pemberton facility.

Recognizing the high demand for premium organic cannabis and the value of its proprietary growing methods, Aurora completed the acquisition of WMMC in March 2019. 

Patient demand for WMMC’s products has maintained its strong momentum and the company’s recreational brand, Whistler Cannabis Co., has proved to be equally as important to consumers over the past year. The company has also been hard at work preparing to bring a new product to market under the Whistler Cannabis Co. brand – live rosin. The much-awaited product hit shelves in B.C. late last month.

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