HEXO hit a home run with “Original Stash”

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On October 17, 2018, the company HEXO (tsx-nyse) put on the market a new product with the aim of attacking the black market. HEXO launched a value brand product “Original Stash” a product of 28 gr. (1oz) priced at $125.70 including sales taxes, equivalent to $4.49 a gram all in.

This product was launched in Quebec (SQDC) first but is expected to arrive in the rest of Canada very soon.

For less than 1 weeks now the products are on sale at the SQDC and the success is undeniable. “Original Stash” is sold out on the website and is very difficult to find in stores.


A house survey has shown that some stores have sold their 400 “Original Stash” very quickly which can represent more than 12 000 g per store. With more than 23 store and the website, may have grown that this product will significantly increase the company’s revenue.

With the release of “Original Stash” across the rest of Canada, HEXO has probably hit a home run in the cannabis market.

HEXO is expected to present its financial statements on October 24 and present us with its new production strategies.

Visit SQDC for the “Original Stash”

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