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CBD-infused spring water made in partnership with Flow Glow™ Beverages Inc. – the team behind Flow Alkaline Spring Water

TORONTO, Oct. 17, 2019 /CNW/ – Today, Truss Beverage Co. announces a partnership with Flow Glow™ Beverages Inc. – the team behind Flow Alkaline Spring Water – to manufacture and distribute a CBD-infused spring water. Flow Glow™ Beverages’ flavoured CBD-infused spring water will be one of six cannabis beverage brands within the Truss Beverage Co. product portfolio.

Backed by 150 years of beverage experience, Truss Beverage Co. is committed to developing a range of cannabis beverages that focus on great taste, consistency and choice.

Truss Beverage Co. announces Flow Glow™, a CBD-infused spring water. At launch, Flow Glow™ will be available in two flavours: Goji+Grapefruit and Raspberry+Lemon. (CNW Group/Truss Beverage Co.)
Truss Beverage Co. announces Flow Glow™, a CBD-infused spring water. At launch, Flow Glow™ will be available in two flavours: Goji+Grapefruit and Raspberry+Lemon. (CNW Group/Truss Beverage Co.)

To be updated quickly regarding HEXO and TRUSS sign up for free to our NEWSLETTER.

“As a cannabis beverage specialist we’re excited to partner with the team behind Flow Alkaline Spring Water, a beverage brand Canadians know and love, on a CBD-infused spring water to round-out our product portfolio for launch,”

says Brett Vye, CEO, Truss Beverage Co.

“The newly formed Flow Glow™ Beverages Inc. will produce products that are an important part of our Truss beverage line-up. We can’t wait to bring Flow Glow™ and our other Truss cannabis beverages to market.”

Flow Glow™ is the first brand partnership for Truss Beverage Co., and will be one of six brands within the Truss beverage portfolio for launch. At launch, Flow Glow™ will be available in two flavours: Goji+Grapefruit and Raspberry+Lemon. Each flavour will contain 10mg of CBD.

“We know CBD products are in high demand in Canada, especially within the growing self-care space. The Truss product portfolio will include a range of products with CBD, THC or both,” says Vye.

“In line with our other Truss beverage offerings, Flow Glow™ offers new and existing cannabis consumers of legal age the opportunity to begin exploring the wonders of cannabis in a way that’s right for them personally.”

“With more than 80% of the Truss portfolio of products being low-to-mid level dose, we’ll offer safe, consistent and unique beverages for every adult consumer and a full range of occasions,” says Vye.

“Flow Glow™ CBD spring water is just one of the wonderful new products Truss will be bringing to market for Canadians to enjoy and explore.”

More about Flow Glow:

About Truss Beverage Co.
Truss Beverage Co. is a joint venture between Molson Coors Canada and HEXO Corp, a licensed producer of cannabis products in Canada, formed to lead innovation in the development of non-alcoholic, cannabis-beverages for the Canadian market. The Truss portfolio will have a range of products for Canadian consumers of legal age, providing a variety of taste experiences for multiple beverage occasions. Truss Beverage Co. will deliver on its promise to be the cannabis beverage specialist through extraordinary products and marketing that reinforces its commitment to responsible adult use.

About Flow Glow Beverages Inc.
Flow Glow™ Beverages Inc. is the CBD-infused premium beverage company founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Nicholas Reichenbach, founder and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water. Flow Glow™ Beverages Inc. has a unique source for its water – an artesian spring in Ontario, Canada – giving it a delicious, smooth taste. The sustainable packaging is designed to have a low carbon footprint and the company aims for the highest levels of sustainability across its operations.

This article is written and published by The Cannabis Stock

Disclaimer : The Cannabis Stock wants to promote the cannabis market with the best publication on the market. The Cannabis Stock does not recommend selling or buying any of the company mentioned and is not responsible for any losses that may result.

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