HEXO on the verge of signing a global deal with Molson

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Interviewed today by BNN Bloomberg, Sebastien St-Louis, CEO of HEXO, said he is currently negotiating with Molson Coors Brewing Company for the distribution of cannabis beverages around the world where the law permits, including United States.

Currently, this fall’s agreement is with Molson Canada, but by then, the entire planet will be the playground of the joint ventureTRUSS.

United States

The United States represents a huge short-term opportunity for HEXO and TRUSS with the federal legalization of hemp that will allow companies outside the United States to enter the market legally.

Molson Coors has a huge distribution network in the United States which will allow HEXO and TRUSS to have a clear advantage over the multi-state operators.

The full legalization of cannabis at the federal level should be done rather than thought and HEXO will be more than ready to bring its full line of drinks to the United States.

New product lines

Sebastien St-Louis also mentioned being ready to release new products for the legalization of edible food in October. A line of vaping products and gummies are among the products to come.

But what intrigues the most is the new range of cannabis-based sex products. HEXO already has the product “Fleur de lune” for women customers but other products of the same kind will be added soon.

Significant increase in net income

In closing, the CEO St-Louis has once again promised net revenues totaling at least 400 million for July next year which would be a meteoric growth.

St Louis seems to have a blaze in the eye when he talks about the future of HEXO, which he says will be top 2 in Canada in the very near future.

HEXO closed today at + 3.32% in the Canadian market.

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